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Accessories: divided into basic parts, accessories and specialty accessories targeted
2. The specific parts: Under certain circumstances you must use the Jewelry Supplies. a) Ear hook: ear jewelry must also sub-variety of styles, while earrings, ear rings, etc.; b) Ear clip: for there is no piercing of the beauty who is also divided into the plastic ear clips, ear clips of ordinary iron, copper ear clip, ear clip screw, the most popular is the invisible spring earrings, wear comfortable, another piercing earrings effect.
c) Bob stick: When Bob made necessary;
d) Cufflinks: used for necklaces, bracelets, cuff links are divided into ordinary (lobster buckle, spring buckle, IQ deduction or OT) and fancy cuff links (ordinary flowers, copper and diamonds and other shapes, fine workmanship of the chain of deduction);
e) OT deduction: As the name implies, the side of the ring, while stick-like, this cuff bracelet or waist chain to do the most appropriate, not suitable for necklaces;

f) Ring care: making the bottom of the ring need to care, care of the style ring has varied, based on personal preferences and other accessories to choose to use; g) Brooch care: When making brooches with, bonding, it is recommended to use hot; Conditioning chain (extension chain): the most used in the chain does not end, used to adjust the chain length, it is recommended to use lobster clasp or spring clasp; h)Jewelry Chains: used to make necklaces, bracelets, tassels, etc., generally have holes with a single ring chain can be directly used with no holes in the chain needs other supporting accessories. i. non-porous chain: ball chain, beads chain, gold chain, chain, there is no obvious hole-like, cannot be directly used in the above single-ring, 9-pin, T-pin, etc. (not including hanging pendant class Oh. like this type of chain, in connection with the chain of deduction when you need the help of other parts of the package, such as ball chain, beads chain, chain to cope with the first use of shells, and gold chain with steel wire to buckle, clip or bag buckle use; ii. a hole in chain: O ring chain, adjust the chain, 8-word chain, this type of chain, significantly above the hole-like, can be used directly with a Jump Rings, 9-pin,T-pin in the chain above do modeling, for linked to a number of beads and small accessories.  3. Special accessories: accessories such as diamonds, non-essential materials, fashion models, material stress, the price is slightly higher, but increase the jewelry POINT.
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- jewelry beads

- How to buy your Swarovski your crystal beads
- Jewelry making is not entirely based on wholesale beads
- Instructions of making your own jump rings
- Seed beads shapes
- Jewelry bails types

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 Why Zacoo.com Can Compete With eBay’s Lowest Price? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

People are always willing to search for bargains on eBay. It is true that some sellers offer extremely low price on eBay. And sometimes they even sell the goods at a loss in order to gain more credits. But such cooperation relationship will not last long.
In addition, eBay platform charges LIST fees and settlement costs. These two costs take up 10% -15% of the entire turnover. So it is impossible for the products on eBay to reach the lowest price. The products with higher value get higher price on eBay.
There are some other C2C platforms in China like EBAY.COM. For example, DHGATE.COM, Chinavasion.com and Tradetang.com, etc. Prices on these platforms are also very low (freight charges not included). If count in the international freight charges of DHL, UPS or FEDEX, their purchase costs are also very high.
Zacoo.com is an independent e-commerce platform. They make deal on their own platform without settlement cost and LIST fees, also free shipping. So their prices are much lower than eBay. Considering they purchase a bulk from factory, you will find the prices for beautiful gadgets on zacoo.com are actually much lower than that the factory, and can offer you without MOQ limit. So you'd better do shopping on independent platform like zacoo.com if you want to get bargains in small amount.wholesale beads,jewelry supplies and jewelry findings at the cheapest price for you. and you can also buy cheap pandora beads and get to know how to make pandora charms from pandora style beads  from zacoo.com.
However, when doing shopping on independent website, we must pay attention to the safety of payment. Especially mind the three points below:
1) Prefer to the online payment ways like PAYPAL, Credit Card or MONKEYBOOKER.
2) Don't input your credit card number or personal PAYPAL pass words on independent platform.
3) Make sure the business has SSL certificate and the URL begins with https://.

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